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Keep fresh with vacuum.
Air is the enemy of freshness. Reducing oxygen levels in the container reduces the amount of bacteria wich spoils the food. With our Vacco system air goes out, but not back in. The silicone sealing ensures an airtight seal. That means food will stay fresh far longer than compared to traditional storage methods.

  • Keep fresh taste and flavour.
  • Preserve vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
  • Groceries keep their natural shape and colour.
  • Restrain from humidity and oxidation.
  • Restrain from smelling.
  • Use in microwave, dishwasher and deep-freezer.
Easy to use.
Step 1
Place the food to be stored inside the container and put the lid on.

Step 2
Put the lever down and close the handles on both sides of the lid.

Step 3
Push down on the center of the lid until the vacuum indicator sinks down.

Step 4
To release the vacuum, lift the lever on the top of the lid.
Suited for microwave.
Touch Vac is made of plastics that resist temperatures up to +120°C. Steam and reheat your food in the microwave without taking the cover of. Just pull the lever into open position allowing the steam to escape.
Refrigerator and freezer safe.
Foods for your freezer must have proper packaging materials to protect their flavour, colour, moisture contents and nutritive value from the dry climate of the freezer. Touch Vac is perfect for freezing , because its airtight vacuum system prevents air from reaching your food and deters bacterial growth.
Dishwasher safe.
Due to the high temperature resistant material Touch Vac items are also suited for the use in dishwashers.
Keep liquids from spillover.
Touch Vac containers are 100% airthight and therefore prevent leakage of water and other liquids contained in your foods.
Full silicone packing.
The silicone on the guide packing is the most critical part to keep vacuum seal longer. By using a full silicone sealing, Touch Vac vacuum food storage container can create much stronger vacuum seal than other food containers which use hollow silicone guide packing.