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Keep fresh with vacuum.
Touch Vac Glass prevents air from reaching your food and deter bacterial growth and silicone sealing and locking flaps keep airtight strongly. That means your food will stay fresh far longer than with traditional storage methods.
Easy to use.
Step 1
Place the food to be stored inside the container and put the lid on.

Step 2
Put the lever down and close the handles.

Step 3
Push down on the center of the lid until the vacuum indicator sinks down.

Step 4
To release the vacuum, lift the lever on the top of the lid.
Microwave safe.
Touch Vac Glass is made of tempered glass which is durable at temperatures as high as +120°C. Enjoy steamed food with the microwave oven. With our advanced vacuum system you only need to put the lever in open position, allowing the steam to escape. After that close the lever to keep the food warm until serving.
Refrigerator and freezer safe.
Foods for your freezer must have proper packaging materials to protect their flavour, colour, moisture contents and nutritive value from the dry climate of the freezer. Touch Vac Glass is perfect for freezing , because its airtight vacuum system prevents air from reaching your food and deters bacterial growth. The silicone sealing and locking flaps ensure that the container is kept airtight.
Product line-up.
Item No.: 02533
Capacity: 900 ml
Dimensions: 152x152x67mm
Item No.: 02534
Capacity: 2600 ml
Dimensions: 217x217x94mm
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